Sandra’s First Musing

After a lot of prodding by fellow artists and friends, I finally decided to start my blog. I spent a large part of last year working on my Banzai Chicks brand. My tagline is “Fight apathy and lethargy and pursue your ambitions!” Banzai Chicks is a departure from my usual realistic fantasy and erotic artwork. The characters are cute and graphic (cartoon like). I used Adobe illustrator, so you can see that it is clean vector artwork. I believe that Banzai Chicks has a lot of potential for appeal. For more info, please visit

Ricochet, member of the martial arts girls band, Banzai Chicks

Ricochet - The Ballistics Expert and Tom Boy

For the greater part of 2010, I lost touch with my editor at Hustler Magazine. I would email her and not get a response. Towards the end of the year, I decided to contact them again, this time I emailed the Editor-in-Chief. It turned out that my editor had left and been replaced. So I immediately submitted pin-ups for 2011. Here is a little preview of the upcoming artwork:

Secret meeting of D'Artagnan and Countess at a party of King Louis XIV.

Secret meeting of D'Artagnan and Countess at a party of King Louis XIV.

June Hustler Pin-up

Hustler City

Drakaina Octopus

Drakaina in Japanese Mythology

I had originally submitted the Drakaina Octopus to the fourth Erotic Signature competition and to my surprise, it was rejected on the grounds of beastiality. The judges made it very clear that they loved the piece, but couldn’t allow its inclusion in the book because it would offend other artists. They gave me a week to create another piece, so I made the Musketeer Rendez-Vous which was accepted. When I re-established my relationship with Hustler, I was able to give them the Drakaina pin-up and they will publish it in the March 2011 issue. They approached me a month later asking for a new piece, and since I didn’t paint anything new, they accepted the Musketeer piece for April. Over the Christmas break, I painted the Hustler City piece which is slated for the June issue. I am currently working on the next painting.

3 Comments on “Sandra’s First Musing

  1. Sandra,
    I was trying to get in touch with Sensei Leo, I used to train with him in Pasadena in Budo Shin. Please contact me if you have a recent email or number. I lost contact with him when he moved to Vegas.
    Ray Reyes

  2. Aloha Tao Shih Fu Chang from Moloka’i,

    Yes! your art of the many “awesome” Wahine Warriors is trully delightfull- much Joy and empowerment to women, and inspired young girls comes from your renders, Very-Good, nicely done faithfull-servant;

    Absolutely, much may be realized, and come unto fruition thru your lovely, and powerfull, arts- both anime, and Martial… Ganbarre/ Imua Ka Kou, May your Gracious-full-of-Positive-Directives continue with over-abundance success.

    Sandra-san, please excuse- yet may this Simple “most-peculiar” Sailing-BeachBoy make a humble suggestion for subject matter, and modeling for possible future characters for your Art-Expressions, and Comics-Series about Warrior Women?

    Please take note of the amazing True-Life-Story of Mrs. Cindy-Celeste Lane Ross c/o “Bodies By Cindy” (tele: 251 519 4929), Cindy Lane Ross, … Both Mrs. Ross and husband Jason are such an inspiration, and encouragement with Fitness and Good Healthy Lifestyle practices.

    Perhaps, you and Cindy-Celeste could huddle-up, and compare notes, and come to an agreement and understanding by creating eyecatching, deep-thinking nice comics “superwomwen’s-stories” thru your style of animation-art, and present her “miracles-with-lifestyle-change” true story in art form; or possibly even a true-to-life style of your art with computer “Poser-Art” flavouring- If I may so offer, and suggest?.

    Indeed, thankx so very much for this most cherished Friendship-Across-the Ocean, I shall honor, respect, and have duty to be your “friend” in the Arts for long time-Ok.

    me ke aloha pumehana, and GOD-Speed…

    Aloha Nui JJ Iruka Saitoh-Car’ee

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