New Artwork in March – May…

Yes I have been delinquent again. Lots of time elapsed between posts. It’s hard to force myself to write a blog when it’s more interesting working on new paintings. I finally finished my Steampunk Cinderella piece. I posted it 0n several online galleries around the web, one of them being the Advanced Photoshop website. The editor contacted me and now it will be featured in the gallery of the Advanced Photoshop Magazine in June. Hooray! On top of that, Digital Artist did a nice write up about the painting when it was nominated as “Art of the Week.” Here is the article by April Madden, the editor. The art is a little squished. So I will display the completed painting here.

Steampunk Cinderella

Steampunk Cinderella

I also have a 2-page hair tutorial I wrote for the June issue of Digital Artist Magazine. Writing a tutorial is like doing a term paper, not only do you have to analyze and break-down art techniques you do naturally, but you have to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner. I actually combed the web to see how other artists explain their processes. To facilitate the tutorial, I made some custom hair brushes in Photoshop to be included in the tutorial CD. Here is the artwork I designed for the tutorial.


I also made a new Alice in Wonderland Gothic Lolita Steampunk painting. Although I admit it doesn’t have the charm of my original Steampunk Alice, it is a different take.

Steampunk Gothic Lolita Alice in Wonderland Croquet

Steampunk Gothic Lolita Alice in Wonderland Croquet

If anyone is interested in my step-by-step screen captures of my work in progress or wondering what I am currently painting, you can look at my Photo Albums on my facebook page. You have to click the Album entitled Miscellaneous Stuff. Oh…and while you’re there, please “Like” my Facebook page. I usually post my most current work in this gallery. I currently have three unfinished paintings in my computer, a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, a Steampunk Female Warrior on a Tank (based on the Art Muse, Veronika) and a new Michael Jackson painting.

Here is my Facebook page.

I have a lot of my paintings for sale as signed prints at my Etsy Store. Check it out!

I also have a pin-up coming out in the August issue of Hustler Magazine. Here is a small preview. Sorry I can’t show the whole piece (since it is x-rated).

New Geisha Hustler pinup

New Geisha Hustler pinup

It’s always cool when someone else mentions you on their blog. Two years ago, I took a seminar called “Artist as Brand” by Greg Spalenka. Greg is an incredibly inspiring artist and he teaches an intensive workshop for artists to build their art empires, find their inner voice, learn to market themselves and develop a 5 year business plan. Any artist will find this workshop truly worthwhile and if they have an opportunity to take it (Greg travels around the US), I would highly recommend it. Here is The Artist as Brand website. Here is my little mention on Greg’s blog.

Well, I have to go eat dinner, but not before I plug my Banzai Chicks Cartoon Art for Girls Website and the Banzai Chicks Etsy Store. Talk to you later…hopefully I will be a little more consistent in my blogging! : )

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