Google Ranking Woes

The worst thing imaginable for an artist that depends on visibility on the web has happened to me. Google dropped my ranking! The website I’ve had since 1996,, was virtually invisible to search engines. I checked online to see if it was blacklisted, but it’s not. Since you cannot contact anyone on Google about the reasons why, I can only venture to guess. It is possible that I had erotic art on my site and that made it invisible to people that had the safe censorship settings on their browser. I had a links page and lot of websites linked back to me. Perhaps they thought my website was spammy, I do not know for sure. I corrected some of the issues on my website and Google appears to list me again. I still can’t find my site when I do Bing and Yahoo searches.

So I created a new website with a new url, It’s been about  four months since I created it and it appears that the Google bots are crawling it. I checked my original site on Google Analytics and for a period of 1 month, I’ve had an abysmal 3 visitors. This is sad since in 2013, I’ve had upwards of 2,000+ unique visitors in 1 day. Believe me, I’ve lost plenty of sleep over this dilemma, as well as Etsy and Ebay sales. Since I’m not an expert on search engine optimization, and trying to determine a solution to boost my site’s visibility, I decided to resurrect my old WordPress blog. WordPress is known to have great search optimization tools built in, so I’m hoping that will make my art easier to find on the web. I’ve been pretty lax these last few years maintaining my blog. Mostly because I’m not very comfortable with writing, and the interface on WordPress is fairly confusing. Well, they have a new gui and it’s a little easier to navigate. It’s still confusing, the tech over at WordPress told me that there is an adjustment period and that is so true! So I paid the $99 to get a premium blog and paid for a premium theme as well. What is convenient is during the week, you have access to chatting with techs! This is much better than posting on the forum and hoping someone will answer your questions. You can get immediate help with the chat window and I’m glad I shelved out the extra money. Plus with a premium blog, you can point your own url at it or get a free domain name. I’m still learning my way around WordPress, so please bear with me. We’ll see in a couple of months if this WordPress site gets better ranking on the search engines.

I’m sorry that this article is boring. So I will leave you with a black and white underpainting of Aidan Turner. I’m trying to improve my sense of color and light. Being an artist is the never ending process of learning and bettering your skills. I’ll post a color version of Aidan when I get around to it.

Aidan Turner


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