Enter the world of artist, Sandra Chang-Adair. Sandra is an erotic art and fantasy illustrator. She is a self-taught artist that is passionate about delineating the beauty of the human form. Her characters are depicted as fairies, mermaids, knights, heroines and mythical characters in the steampunk genre. She loves interjecting subtle humor in her vignettes (often sneaking in her beloved dogs). Her favorite medium is digital: Corel Painter, Manga Studio Pro and Photoshop.

Sandra began in comic books. She has been published in Hustler, Heavy Metal, Fantagraphics Books/Eros Comix and Inside Kung-Fu. She has written tutorials for Digital Art/Fantasy Art, Advanced Photoshop and Corel Painter Magazines. Her 48-page art book, Steampunk Rising: The Art of Sandra Chang-Adair, published by SQP Publications is available now. She is currently working on her online comic, Gothic Geisha. A futuristic, sci-fi adventure about rebels fighting a dysotopian Authoritative Government. Go to gothicgeisha.com to view the first two issues online of her series.

Sandra loves sci-fi, fantasy and martial arts films. When Sandra is not drawing or painting, she can be found at kung fu or fencing. She has been practicing martial arts since 1994. She has a second degree blackbelt in Budoshin Ju Jitsu, a blacksash in Northern Eagle Claw, certificates in Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Kung Fu Weapons at Beijing Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Academy. She is currently studying at Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center in Henderson with a 33rd generation Shaolin Monk. In 2015, Sandra began taking Epeé lessons at Red Rock Fencing Center in Las Vegas. She is still fairly new at the sport but loves the challenge and living out her musketeer fantasies. Sandra lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Dustin Adair, a mobile app game developer and two dogs, a sheltie named Ripley and Freckles the Australian Shepherd Mix.

Keep up to date with her new projects, aspirations and thoughts. You can see more of her artwork at www.sandrachang.net or www.steampunkfantasyart.com. Sandra has a brand of martial arts cartoon girls called Banzai Chicks. She makes handmade jewelry of her characters and sells them at conventions. Check out  www.banzaichicks.com for more information.

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