New Project – The Gothic Geisha Online Comic

This is a closeup of Akemi brandishing guns is from Sandra Chang's Gothic Geisha issue #2's cover.

The Gothic Geisha story has been lingering in the back of my mind since 1996. Its original conception was as a comic book I created called Akemi. It was both released in color (published through Brainstorm Comics) and in black and white (Sypher Publications). I followed issue 2 with a homemade ashcan unveiled at the San Diego Comic-con. Later on, Akemi was reprinted in Yolk Magazine, a publication that showcased Asian talent in media. I tried to continue the story in Yolk, but the magazine was eventually cancelled. To my dismay, I found no distribution for Akemi and I couldn’t afford to publish it myself, so I never finished it.

Since then, Akemi would be a shadow in my consciousness, evolving and changing, depending on life experiences and the movies I was exposed to. One movie that profoundly affected Akemi was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was an intriguing idea to have your mind brainwashed and then relive the same mistakes. Other influences were the Bene Gesserit in Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Mord’Sith in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth Books. I loved the idea of a sect of female warriors not just as soldiers, but as a religious, political entity. Hence the new embodiment of Akemi was formed. Last June 2012, I began recording the story down on paper; reworking the plot, scenario and introducing new characters. I wrote it in a novel format and it grew to be 88 pages. I created some new concept art; rough background environment drawings and character sketches. I am now ready to embark on this new venture and christen it, Gothic Geisha.

Akemi is still the main character. She lives in a future dystopia called the Unopolis, governed by an Authoritarian Government ruled by a dictator named Augustine Caine and his Calcedonian Council. She and her brother, Kenji, join a group of rebels who plan on overthrowing the dictatorship. This is the short version, of course, it gets much more complicated.

I am working on the very first page now, (it’s sitting on my drawing table). I’m planning to release the comic several pages a week online for free on a WordPress page. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will release it this month. I created a facebook page to showcase my progress. I would appreciate it if you could like it.

In the meantime, I will leave you with some conceptual work to get you interested. But first, here is artwork from the original Akemi Comic Book, so you can get a basic idea of the story.

New Concept Art.
Environment Design Background.

Character Sketches

These are initial concept design images, the final designs will probably change.
Hopefully my next post will be the actual working online comic url. Please like my facebook page for further information! Thanks!